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Great War

Litcham War Memorial

Private ALFRED R ASKEW 15472, 6th Bn., The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) who died age 19 on 7 April 1917. Son of Mr. C. and Mrs. M. E. Askew, of Tittleshall Rd., Litcham. CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ

Private WALTER BANHAM 29879, 8th Bn., Norfolk Regiment who died on 16 February 1917. Enlisted East Dereham. CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY, CONTAY

Serjeant FREDERICK WILLIAM BARNES 1993, Military Provost Staff Corps who died age 42 on 6 April 1919. Son of Edmund and Sarah Ann Barnes, of Litcham; husband of Emma Jane Barnes, of Litcham. STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE

Private BERTRAM BLOY 33523, 8th Bn., Bedfordshire Regiment who died age 29 on 1 May 1917. Son of William and R. Bloy, of Litcham. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY

Private HERBERT FOULSHAM 5776, 1st/5th Bn., Northumberland Fusiliers who died age 26 on 18 November 1916. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Foulsham of Ivy Cottage, Lexham Rd; husband of Lizzie Foulsham. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL

Private FREDERICK CHARLES HARWOOD 21178, 6th Bn., Border Regiment who died age 18 on 29 September 1916. Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Harwood, of Front St., Litcham. GRANDCOURT ROAD CEMETERY, GRANDCOURT

Second Lieutenant JOHN ALEXANDER HOLMES 4th Bn., Leinster Regiment who died age 26 on 26 April 1916. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holmes, of Kempstone Lodge, Litcham. BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION (NORD)

Private JOHN HENRY JAMES 29860, 9th Battalion Norfolk Regiment. KIA France and Flanders 8 October 1918. Born Litcham. VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL

Lance Bombardier HARRY KNOCK L/28304, "B" Bty. 174th Bde., Royal Field Artillery who died age 29 on 27 October 1918. Son of John and Mahalia Knock, of Litcham, Norfolk; husband of Annie Gertrude Knock, of St. Andrew's Cottages, Cranleigh, Surrey. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY

Private GEORGE MASON 260066, 1st/5th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment who died age 30 on 16 August 1917. Son of George and Sarah Mason, of Litcham, Norfolk. BRANDHOEK NEW MILITARY CEMETERY No.3

Private JOHN MIDDLEGE 68549, 17th Bn., Royal Fusiliers who died on 30 November 1917. Enlisted Norwich, resident Kings Lynn. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL

Private SIDNEY WILLIAM MURTON 79074, 13th Bn., Royal Fusiliers who died age 18 on 23 August 1918. Son of the late William Murton and of Elizabeth Murton, of Litcham. ACHIET-LE-GRAND COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION

Private JOHN FREDERICK RUDD 20640, 1st Bn., East Surrey Regiment who died on 13 March 1917. Husband of Mrs. Purple (formerly Rudd), of Hull Green, Longham, East Dereham. Born Beeston. GORRE BRITISH AND INDIAN CEMETERY

Private EDWARD JOHN WAKEFIELD 41417, 11th Bn., Suffolk Regiment who died age 19 on 22 March 1918. Son of Thomas Roger and Anna Maria Wakefield, of Dereham Rd., Litcham. ARRAS MEMORIAL

Lance Corporal E WALL 8063, 1st Bn., East Yorkshire Regiment who died on 28 October 1914. Born East Harling, resident Walsham, BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY (NORD)
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Second World War

Litcham War Memorial

Sapper ROBERT WILLIAM FULCHER 2017933, 577 Army Field Coy., Royal Engineers who died age 29 on 19 December 1943. Son of Frederic Charles and Alice Louise Fulcher; husband of Patience May Fulcher, of Happisburg, Norfolk. SANGRO RIVER WAR CEMETERY

Private JAMES MADDEN 14522937, 1st Bn., Parachute Regiment, A.A.C. who died age 21 on 17 May 1944. Son of Thomas and Margaret Madden, of King's Lynn. CASSINO WAR CEMETERY

Private JACK PATTERSON 5775503, 5th Bn., Royal Norfolk Regiment who died age 25 on 14 June 1943. Son of Charles Henry and Rose Patterson, of Litcham. KANCHANABURI WAR CEMETERY

Lance Bombardier CLEMENT JAMES POTTER 962026, 1 Medium Regt., Royal Artillery who died age 25 on 27 October 1944. Son of William and Edith Potter, of Litcham, Norfolk; husband of Lucy Emily Potter, of Howden-le-Wear, Co. Durham. TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY

Leading Aircraftman JOHN WEBDALE 1425150, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve who died age 22 on 16 December 1944. Son of James and Susan Webdale, of Litcham. RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL